It was this past Monday morning when I told my guys that we needed to find an entry point into the Ministry of Economy and three short days later we were sitting in the El Presidente’s office with an audience with the district chairman.

I gave a short 5-10 minute presentation on the nature of the economy, the shoe and sandal industry (and why Mexico is sucking the proverbial hind tit), and current trends that included the Slowear movement ( I used the British published Monocle magazine that I brought back from the US as a visual aid; and a very effective one at that I might add.

El Presidente early on called in his staff which kicked off a rather exciting 40 minute discussion. I didn’t have to do much more talking at that point except to clarify the enormity of the job creation possibilities for Sahuayo.

One of my guys is a college grad and heir apparent to his family’s shoe making business and as such gave a very thoughtful and articulate presentation on his own of how Saraha Sandals differentiated itself in the quality of its handmade nature.

He and his father brought samples of my sandals as did I. I also brought a pair of sandals that I had purchased in Italy a couple of years ago to serve as reference to the market that we want to take a bite out of.

I am proud to say that the chairman and his staff positively marveled over the beauty and quality of the Sahara Sandal Basketweave Clogs and the discussion turned to certifying them as a true standard of Mexican quality inasmuch as tequilas get a certification of providence and authenticity.

The chairman and his economic advisor are headed to the capitol in Morelia this morning to meet with the State of Michoacán’s Minister of Economy and one of their agenda items is to talk about what was discussed in our meeting.

They are taking along my copy of Monocle magazine and a Sahara Sandals t-shirt. The t-shirt has our logo on the front, our website on the back and the phrase ‘The best handmade sandals in the world’.

That is what we are striving for. The chairman and his advisors understood that. Now let’s hope that they can sell the same idea to the right folks at the capitol.