I have to say that I love the damn things so much that I just dropped a wopping ten bucks on a digital subscription to MaximumPC magazine. The magazine is mostly geared to all those twenty-something year old fiends who build screaming fast gaming machines and who are always on the lookout for the latest and most powerful gear.

I built a workstation three years ago from the ground up just for the hell of it and found the entire process immensely pleasurable. I chose all the parts: the case, the fans, the CPU, the motherboard, the cooler, the power supply, the drives, and the GPU.

I gave it to Sarah when I moved to Mexico but took it back after she bought a brand new iBook Air and no longer needed it. I lovingly swathed it in multiple layers of bubble wrap for it to survive its journey to Mexico this past December.

The thing boots Windows 7 Ultimate 64 from an SSD in a mere 10 seconds. It has almost 5 TB of storage on 3 separate HDDs and is running a 3.0 GHz quad-core processor (with its own separate cooler). I see little point to over-clocking it because the only thing that gives it any real workout is video encoding of the H.264 variety.

I gaze lovingly at it sitting there beside me quietly humming away in its austere black tower. I used to tease Sarah that the lights momentarily dim whenever it powers up.

I have VMWare loaded on it so I can run different flavors of virtual machines which is extremely useful when downloading something that might have malware or a virus on it or if you want to test a new piece of software but don’t want to put your client machine at risk.

And I got my new tablet to download some magazines and books from my old Washington, DC library so that’s pretty cool too.