I have a tremendous head cold (thanks to my good friend Manolo) so the last 2 days have been spent mostly sitting at my worktable working on a couple of different things; the most important of which is writing a proposal to The Ministry of Economy.

The gist of the proposal targets new market potential for our Mexican handmade sandals and in the doing how we can make a positive impact locally through job creation.

So I have been reading and scribbling notes from articles and studies like ‘The Economics of World Shoe Production Trends’.


I created the above graph to pictorially represent what the new market opportunity is and hopefully I achieved what Edward Tufte meant when he said, ‘That a good design was clear thinking made visible’.

I look forward to personally presenting my proposal at the State Capitol in Morelia in the next couple of weeks.

I spent 2 hours with a customs broker yesterday explaining and listening to all the details surrounding exporting to Asia. I was all doped up on cold medicine so the meeting probably took twice as long as it should have. Even so I was able to register his astonishment at trying to wrap his head around the idea of Mexico exporting to Asia. From his perspective Mexico imports from Asia, not the other way around.