First, the bad news. A health inspector rang my bell this morning and asked to inspect my underground water cistern. It seems there is a Dengue fever (aka breakbone fever) epidemic that is presently unraveling itself in the area and they are searching house to house for possible hatching sites of those fever carrying mosquitoes. My cistern looked great. But if it didn’t, the health inspector was going to drop a bunch of chemical powder into it (which probably in itself carries a severe health risk).

Now the good news. Winter is over here. Those chilly 40 degree mornings and cool 65 degree days are now just a memory. For the next few months we can look forward to some very pleasant 80 degree days.

So Michigan (or Minnesota) – which would choose? Enjoying pleasant temperatures while playing Russian Roulette with dengue fever or would you prefer more of that mosquito preventive heavy winter thing that you’ve got going on with all that unrelenting butt-numbing cold and record breaking snow falls?

That’s a tough one isn’t it? I’ll have to give that some more thought when I move myself out on to the terrace when I kick off Happy Hour with an ice cold Modelo and a big fat cigar dressed (like I am right now) in only a pair of boxer shorts.