The Kiss Poem from Delacorta’s ‘Alba’

My love, I kiss you. I give you
A suave slider
A wet snatcher
A shy swallow
A juice sucker
A cover up vacuum cleaner
A loose skider
A frosted flame
A quivering swing
A swooning cut breath
A bourbon reggae
A soft tongue nibble
An eyelid – nose – lips apricot
A heavy slow one with pleasure vapors
An Islamic candy
An emerald green from the source
A north-south slowpan
A passion fruit sleepy time
An inky impromtu
A deep squeeze parking lot style
A roller coaster on lips
A surprise sherbert
A sudden tip of the tongue on the loose
A spin lost in the sky
An unidentified chiaroscuro
A holy biter
A pyrogenerator
A blazing sucker
A torturous dirty blue
A dawn ottoman
A birch forest in the fall
A little muffled ember
A stutterer
A Chinese opera
A chilly capriccio
An ankle stripper
A fog horn on the nape
A multiple wanderer
A thousand roads funny bunny
A well located glimpse of paradise
A glamorous wet one
An expressionistic darkness
A barbarian iris
A sneaky prayer
A whistling gulper
An arrow headed Apollonian blue
A zigzag glean
A saxophonic opiate.

Your eternal, Alba