Great Mexican food is just another way to say I love you.

No fancy photos or plated food here my friend. Just some good old boys who do Birria twice a  week.


I’ve walked by this place dozens of time over the past 18 months; it’s 2 blocks north of my house.

But finally this time, the circumstances: lunchtime, the aromas, a neighbor enticing me to look further, took me into the place and I bought half a kilo of cooked goat meat.


First, I was offered a nice hot cup of the cooking broth for tasting. I doctored it up with some cilantro, diced onion, and fresh salsa. Delicious.

These men do a big pot (120 kg) of goat twice a week; Wednesday and Saturday. They boil it out front on the street in an immense stainless steel pot with: cumin, tomatoes, garlic, onion, cinnamon, salt, maguey leaves, salt chilies, and pineapple vinegar.

140 pesos per kilo is a bargain considered that they butcher the animals, render them down, cook them, and then sell the glorious results.

Tonight I dine like a Roman senator.