Make a presentation to a bureaucrat – in the form of asking for help (or creating a partnership if you will) – and it is highly likely that he/she will do all or one of three things: 1) Selectively listen; as in not really pay too much attention especially if it is coming from somewhere that isn’t politically hot and 2) point the presenter to a website and ask he/she to go there and follow the process and/or 3) ask the presenter to provide more extraneous (read, useless) information.

In my case, the lady bureaucrat did all three.

So after this underwhelming experience I got the feeling that deep down inside bureaucrats believe that their job – their only real job(s) – are to establish rules and procedures and then to manage those rules and procedures.

It appears that local (Sahuayo) job creation is secondary (tertiary?) to the maintenance of the Ministry’s rules and procedures.

Some days – like today – I want to put my sandal so far up someone’s ass it comes out of their mouth. (No matter how pretty that ass is.)