I am not even going to try and review this cigar. Cigar Aficionado did so in their February 2014 issue and ranked it no. 5 in their 25 best cigars of 2013.


The magazine also said that it was one of the more expensive Cuban’s. At fifteen bucks an inch – make that twenty bucks as you really can’t smoke the last inch without burning your lips – that must truly be a statement of fact. It is certainly the most expensive cigar that I’ve ever smoked.

Was it worth that kind of dough? I don’t know. Was it better than the Cuban Montecristo No.2? I liked it better but then again they were two completely different cigars. At a certain point good, better, best is all about a person’s preferences. My only disagreement with the Behike was that it lasted only about an hour.

If you want to read a short but well written commentary on the pedigree of the Cohiba Behike, go to my friend, Mike’s blog – http://lohandbehold.com/2010/05/01/the-new-cohiba-behike/ which is posted in his ‘Thank You for Smoking’ section. Also read http://lohandbehold.com/2009/07/16/the-raccoon-has-peed/

If you want to read some good food writing also have a look at his ‘Eat Drink Men Women’ section.

I love cigars. I love the very idea of cigars; right down to the growing, the curing and fermentation processes. I love cigars in the same way that I love leather. Wearing leather sandals is as close to bare feet and touching the earth as you can get.

I love the simple things: white pocket t-shirts, khaki cargo shorts, a straw hat, books, paper, hot sun, cool water, hospitable people, intelligent conversation (or silence), cigars, and cold beer.

Oh, and I love Mexico.