I am very pleased to announce that the Presidente Municipal De Sahuayo has written Sahara Sandals® a letter certifying us culturally important to the region and has singularly bestowed upon us the honor of recognizing us as the very highest quality and best handmade sandals in the region. There are 2 local tequilas that are certified (like the French appellation) but we are the first sandals to be placed in such august company.

This is significant because the largest local industry are shoes and sandals and Sahuayo makes more sandals than any other municipality in all of Mexico. (Leon in the State of Guanajuato makes the most shoes and boots in Mexico but Sahuayo has the distinction of making the most sandals). So if Sahara Sandals makes the best handmade sandals in the region and this region produces the most sandals in Mexico then it might not be a stretch to say that we make the best handmade sandals in Mexico (next stop, the entire world:).

Anyway, for those of you who just joined this blog, me and my guys went down to the State Capitol in Morelia a couple of weeks ago where I did a presentation to the Ministry of Economy. My pitch to the MoE was very simple. The Mexican shoe and sandal making industry needs new markets. I said that we needed to look higher up in the economic food chain and start competing with the handmade quality coming out of France and Italy where there are growth opportunities, not to mention higher profit margins. But to get there, everyone that participated would have to adhere to  the same stringent quality of standards that we at Sahara Sandals were implementing.

We were presenting to the MoE to get both their endorsement and their certification. And the dangling carrot for them is job creation. Here is the graph that was the keystone to my presentation: