Today is the day we observe Super Menudo Sunday. Oh, yes. Fatty chopped up stomach bits floating in a hot steaming red chili broth all dressed up with oregano and finely diced white onion then topped off with ample squeezes of fresh lime juice. Hearty, spicy, and delicious.

Yesterday I bought a new Voit basketball and I can’t wait to try it out. Lately I have been playing so much with the neighbors that my old one is developing what appears to be some sort of aneurism. Do you know how many times a person can throw a basketball against a wall in 1 hour and 20 minutes? I do. Because I finally counted on Friday afternoon. 1461 times.

My new next door neighbors share with the former tenant, Raoul, an insane love for Banda music. And when their volume goes up my basketball comes out.

With the exception of the back bedroom, my entire second floor is empty. Concrete walls and tile floors are perfect surfaces from which to bounce a basketball. Standing 15 feet from our separating wall I can throw it extremely hard. The noise it makes when it hits is like a cannon going off.

I quite simply can’t understand how they can put up with it. It has to rattle the china in the next room. And with each hit the iconography must be literally dancing on the walls. But they keep playing. So they must tender hope that either the ball is going to explode from one of its many violent impacts or that my arm is suddenly going to give way to a repetitious use injury.

Or maybe there is  rational disconnect between cause and effect? Or perhaps they love Banda music to the point of extremism? I really don’t know. Their simple strategy thus far has been to see if they can out wait me.

As for me, I’ve got a brand new basketball. And I am ready to keep playing this recklessly wild exciting and noisy game.

On an uptick, Rainy Season is coming! And I am so excited! The afternoon skies are beginning to gather clouds for the first time in 6 months.


For the next few weeks the afternoon skies will rival the morning skies for their drama. The winds have switched to the south and in the late morning begin to pick up. Big clouds start filling the sky in the early afternoon and with them the temperature begins to moderate. Mid-day the temps rise into the mid to high-eighties but the clouds and the breeze eventually begin to scale it back so by late afternoon the temp is back around eighty.

I was laying out in my hammock just the other afternoon reading, dressed in my customary attire of boxer shorts, and got to thinking that maybe I needed to go put a t-shirt on because with the breeze and all, there was suddenly a slight chill on. But I thought no. If my friends up north could tough out the last of the winter then so could I.

PS –  Although I chose to put a humorous spin on the basketball story, please know that it is anything but humorous. I hate noise. Noise drives me crazy. But Mexico is still a free country and I respect that (and that is one of the reasons why I have remained here). People are free here to do all kinds of things like play their music for as long and as loud as they absolutely want. And I am equally free to play basketball in my own house for as long as I want and as loud as I want. I would rather appreciate mutual respect and civil courtesies in dealing with matters like these but I have to take into account that not everyone thinks like me. So it seems to me that sometimes in free societies when individual liberties overlap, it might be best to kind of just let things work themselves out. (And as for me, my money is on a good basketball defense).