I have been working very hard at the sales and marketing end of Sahara Sandals. And because I am as ignorant as a freshman business major everything is fair game. Like this morning, I replied to a NYTimes article about outsourcing only for the purposes of shamelessly promoting our sandals. Sad and pathetic.


“Excellent. Thanks for sharing. You summed up the single biggest takeaway point and that is to be in-country and hands on.
“As an engineer I spent the better part of my career working in 14 different countries with different teams, very hands on, very involved, helping to insure that everyone had a stake in the output.
Now as a sandal-maker, designing and producing the best handmade sandals in the world from Michoacan, Mexico; I find that being in-country and hands on is still the best solution.”

I have slowly but steadily been building links between ‘the best handmade sandals in the world’ to the mexsandalguy and to Sahara Sandals.

I am passionately disinterested in SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization for those of you as ignorant as myself) so I’ve been doing things the hard way like seeding the comment sections of newspapers around the world with that certain suggestive phrase ‘best handmade sandals in the world’ that brings any interested reader back to us.

Do a Google search on that phrase and you’ll see us on the first page of hits. It hasn’t generated much in the way of business yet but that’s not from lack of trying.

I’ve tried to hire a couple of people to do the sales and marketing but neither of them worked out. So that goes to show that I don’t even know enough about this side of the business to hire someone to do it.

But I am too motivated to give up. I undoubtedly believe that we do in fact make the best handmade sandals in the world. So the struggle continues.