More news from the British paper, the Guardian on the local bad guys. The headline of today’s article – ‘Knights Templar’ member held on suspicion of organ trafficking’ followed with ‘Police detain alleged cartel member on suspicion of kidnapping people, including children, and harvesting their organs’, suggests [if the allegations are true] that the local cartel has either gotten more desperate or more crazy.

“Mexican authorities have said drug trafficking is no longer the top source of income for the Knights Templar, which was once a top producer of crystal meth. Officials say the cartel’s main sources of income are illegal mining, logging and extortion.”

I saw 2 truckloads full of Mexican Marines here a couple of days ago for the first time. The Mexican Federales are always in town and maintain an outpost 8 blocks away in front of the Latino Hotel. And I see army troops here on a fairly regular basis. But the Marines?