Sorry, but I left this out. And I will try and promise that this will be my last comment on the author’s use of the word intuition.

So just a few sentences after where I’d left off in Part -1 the author goes on to say, ” It is both scary and exciting. Human intuition is becoming radically aware of it’s own limitations.”

Doesn’t Tyler Cowen have an editor? And if so why didn’t they catch the fact that he is using the word intuition in yet another

way? The word he should have used was cognition.

I am not the best writer in the world and heaven only knows that my writing would benefit from having an experienced editor around but I have to say with this particular word mis-usage that I am greatly troubled by the author’s lack of precision.

And precision is damned important. Incorrect word usage is not just sloppy but worse, it is intellectually irresponsible.

PS – Are we to then infer that as an economist his calculations are suspect as well?