I’ve made mention that rainy season is approaching and that in the mean time the sunsets will rival the drama of the sunrises for the next few weeks.

Here is last night’s sunset:


And here is this morning’s sunrise:


Glorious. Simply Glorious.

And today is the day that we observe The Feast of Super Menudo Sunday. A big bowl of floating stomach bits pillowed on a steaming broth of red chili infused goodness sweetened with finely chopped white onion before being tarted up with generous squeezes of fresh lime then finely dusted with the merest hint of oregano.

PS – My daughter asked me last week how I could eat something like menudo for breakfast and my reply was that it was not about the stomach bits. Rather, it was the sublime combination of chewy, citrus, and spicy that makes Mexican menudo such a splendid morning repast. Oh, and tortillas fresh off the grill and homemade salsa make wonderful accompaniments.

PPS – A thought just occurred to me. To truly understand Mexican food you need to know that the root of all Mexican food is the tortilla. To begin with, God gave the poorest of Mexican’s from generations past two simple things: the tortilla and the chili. This carries forward to today where a Mexican can be seen happily munching on a rolled up tortilla with no more than a smear of salsa in it.