I posted a couple of weeks ago that the Municipality of Sahuayo, Michoacan had certified Sahara Sandals as being the region’s finest artisans of handmade sandals and as such we were given the distinguished honor of being culturally important. We are the only sandal company out tens of dozens to hold that honor.

I was informed today by the municipality’s chief of staff that we could expect an official visit from the State Ministry of Economy as soon as next week to validate our quality assurance, our hand-fabrication processes, and the pedigree of materials used for the purposes of certifying us at the state level. This demonstrates the local government’s unwavering commitment to get state support in a project that has all of a sudden become regionally important.

The chief of staff hasn’t been leaning on the MoE these past few weeks just to make me happy. No, Oscar is doing this because he is now firmly convinced that we have the skills, the availability of top quality leathers, and commitment to quality to compete with the best of Europe. And in the doing create new jobs and blow some life back into one of Mexico’s fundamental industries; one that has been steadily losing ground in the increasingly synthetic and mass-produced world that we live in.

Viva Mexico!