First, I need to get something off my chest – [I say] screw writing reviews about poorly written books that piss me off – I binned ‘Average is Over’. The corrected title should read ‘This Book is Average’.

On to the good news. I think I just found be a new bag maker. And a new clothing maker. This woman faithfully reproduced my 17 year old REI micro-fleece vest (for 1/3 the price) and now I’ve got her building me a slightly different one. She is going to ‘stitch’ (or whatever that’s called) the Sarah Sandals logo in the same place where the old REI logo was. I am awesomely pleased.

Her amigo built be a prototype leather bag from a synthetic sample that I provided. The results of which I am mostly pleased. I gave him a new one (as in different) to make with better leather this time and we’ll see what happens. But I am very optimistic.

Returning home I was stopped by 2 very handsome old women who asked me if I was still walking a lot; everybody sees this guero hiking around town dressed in t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. I said, ‘Yes’ and ‘so, you’re out for a walk too’? They nodded happily and the older one of the two smiled radiantly and told me rather shyly that she was 85 years old. I told her that she was beautiful (she stood straight as an arrow, unbent by age) and that the walking was keeping her young. I introduced myself and the older one took my hand in hers and said that she was equally pleased to meet me too. She reminded me of my grandmother in that I felt immediately surrounded by an unconditional love. How can someone live so long and still radiate such joy? People like her bring tears of happiness to my eyes. Her smile and joy expunged the anger that was still lingering in my soul (from reading that dreadful book) and just her momentary presence made me feel once again at peace. And it is by these simple things that I am reminded evermore of the tiny blessings of God.