This week AMD is releasing its new water cooled Radeon video card, the R9 295X2 that pegs out at 11.5 teraflops. That was super-computing territory just a few short years ago. Now you get 11.5 trillion floating point operations per second for just $1500 in a large card format that you can stuff inside your equally underpriced and overpowered workstation. Here is a blow up view:


And Intel just announced an upgrade to their Thunderbolt 2 standard, now promising transfer speeds up to 10Gbps. This makes data-heavy 4K video a more workable medium with the increased capability to transfer files quickly which will be a important to video creatives. “Thunderbolt 2 is the only technology available that can provide the bandwidth, functionality, and ease of use necessary for optimised 4K workflows”, Intel said.

I don’t need one of these new Radeon cards because I am not a gamer. My old Radeon card is way more powerful than I will probably ever need. But I have to admit that these improved technologies are very drool worthy.