Which we don’t. But even if we did I wouldn’t know where to best effectively spend it anyway. (This is not my area of expertise).

However, putting my Don Draper hat on, this is what I know we need to identify with:

The slow-clothing movement  – which is built around 3 primary tenants: a rejection of mass-produced, the preference for long-wearing artisanal materials, and slowing the rate of consumption by purchasing better quality clothing less often.

Now the question is, how to do this? I don’t know – I am lost. Marketing/Sales people are typically lying assholes, who over commit the [true] creatives – the design staff.

PS – But I am still submitting my op-ed piece to various newspapers. My op-ed ties together my toxic clothing post, the post I did on the MIT running shoe study, a post on a NASA funded study on the current environmental unsustainability of the developed world’s consumption habits and the alternatively healthy slow-clothing movement.

(I am presently denied but not defeated).