Sarah is running this year’s Boston Marathon and we are all holding our breath because she is running with a stress fracture in her right foot. How in the hell do you run with so much pain? I sure don’t know.

Will she finish? I don’t know. Can she run through the pain? Again, I don’t know.

You can track her via her bib number – 7289 – at

She went out with the first wave at 10 am EST and as of this moment she is at the 11 km point with roughly 31 km yet to go. She qualified for the Boston last year by running a 3:07 (coming in women’s 3rd place) and that is where she got her first stress fracture.

She still managed to run the following month 37 miles (in one day) with me in Minnesota in June, with that unhealed stress fracture. And pushing a baby jogging stroller with 40 kilos of stuff in it. I reminded her of this on the phone 2 days ago and she said, ‘Dad, we walked part of that.’ Whatever. The kid is far tougher than I am that’s for damn sure.

Steady on…