Day after tomorrow we are shipping 4 pair of samples to a big company in Asia.They do us honor by considering using us to be their sole-source suppliers for handmade sandals.

Here is a preview of what we are sending them. They were made out of some of the new leathers that I purchased in Guadalajara a couple of days ago:

The Italianos:


The Basketweave Clogs:


The Caprias:


And the Navarettos:


These samples are very important. To us as a company, to the people of this region, and just as important to the country itself. For instance, imagine Mexico exporting sandals to Asia? That very thought is positively mind-boggling.

And just imagine in the doing how wonderful it would be if Mexico were able to get its mojo back? Namely by quit making crap like so many other countries and instead began reviving its colonial heritage as purveyors of quality leather goods. Imagine if Mexico were once again known for its artisanal products (other than just tequila and mezcal)?

And imagine Mexico becoming a dominant player in the slow-wear clothing movement. It’s possible. And why not? Mexico has been producing quality leathers for 400 years. And Mexico has the craftsmen, the old tools, and the people who still remember how to do things the old way.

Best of all, Mexico still has the heart.