Earlier this week, Sarah and I made some much needed improvements to our websites. We had discussed some other sales and marketing ideas over the last few months and it was today that I made the decisions on how best to proceed to implement them.

First, our sandals need more of a story than just words. The sandals need more of a lifestyle narrative and for that I hired a very smart young man who now has the working title of Creative Director.

And jointly we created two operational plans today. One, is that he is going to create an appropriate Mexican Sandal Guy anime. Maybe it will end up being a highly photo-shopped real person but 1st we are going to start with more of an anime approach.

Second, we are going to photograph our sandals using models; both a man and a woman. I already have our two models; they just don’t know it yet. Carla is the 21 year old drop dead beautiful niece of my friend Maria. And handsome Daniel – who looks so Asiatic that you’d think he just arrived, but 30,000 years late, from across the Bering land bridge. They are both perfect.

Now my creative guy is putting together the details. Location, background, and so on.

My life has gotten interesting again.