1. That helping someone is truly a blessing. And it was this particular awareness that prompted this post. Example, I helped an old woman this morning cross the street and negotiate the broken up sidewalk between the Mercado and the Cathedral. And in the doing I realized it was I who was blessed and not her. I also fed a stray dog earlier (something I typically don’t do). Does one act of kindness lead to another? I really don’t know.

2. There’s lots of beauty in the little things; you just have to live a little slower to see them.

3. Valuing the unwarranted kindness of strangers. For example, the butcher didn’t charge me for the small piece of meat this morning that I fed the stray dog. The list is much too long to say more.

4. That wearing shorts and sandals everyday is quite possibly the best wardrobe in the world. It certainly is the most comfortable.

5. Genuinely liking people and [wanting] to be liked in return.

6. Leather. Oh, how I love beautiful leather! Maybe my single greatest materialistic weakness. (Add that to cigars, booze, books and good food).

7. Making things. Something I’ve done in the past – forgotten – and now joyfully doing again.

8. Discovering that people noises (like children laughing, screaming, crying) are immensely more preferable to cultural noises (like TV, internet, movies, music, advertisements, celebrities).

9. Being and living in a place where I know without a doubt that most of the stuff happening around me are things that I positively do not understand. It’s like being a little kid again. Surrounded by so much mystery.

10. [Again] appreciating the little things. Witnessing the daily multiple gestures of small kindnesses. And being privy to the tiniest of miracles.