After 7 months of no rain, the afternoon drama has once again returned to the skies:


I might have given up much by way of possessions when I left Washington, DC but I consider my move to Mexico, my house on the hill and being witness to events like these to be more than a fair trade.

Imagine cigars and cocktails on the terrace – sprawled in the hammock – as one of these magnificent afternoon storms rolls slowly across the valley from the east-southeast.

And if I did listen to music as one of these monsters moved through – which I don’t – it would be Bach.

Only Bach.

PS – You might ask, why no music? Why only Bach? Because for me, Bach demonstrated through his music the unexplainable – the majesty of God; plain and simple. And these magnificent Michoacan sunrises and afternoon storms do not need further explanation.

Living here – at my age – I continually marvel (and believe).