I love these big rain storms that move slowly and majestically across the valley, approaching the city from the east-southeast.


If I am not mistaken – preceding the storm – directly above the cathedral there was just the faintest hint of a rainbow. The weather here, rainy season clouds and storms like these are so elemental and primal that some, like this one, literally take my breath away.

Whenever someone asks me why I – a single man – rented a 3-story house. I take them up to the 3rd floor terrace and point to the east.

PS – The house itself is anything but special. In fact just the opposite. The place has all of the charm of 3 single-wide (15′ X 75′) house trailers stacked one on top of the other. And the first two floors, being all empty surfaces of concrete and tile has the ambiance (acoustics included) of a metro station.

Ahhh, but the terrace is an entirely different matter and covers half the third floor and provides this stunning panoramic view. And the weather is 300 days of perfectness giving the residents here almost year around outdoor living. 80 degrees just about every day; open doors and open windows from sun up to sundown. And there is something so positively liberating in being able to wander about the terrace outdoors dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts that practically shouts, ‘Freedom baby!’