I am working on a new gadget bag design that is constructed from only the softest and richest of the natural vegetable tanned leathers that are locally sourced and available here in Mexico. In case you didn’t know, nearby Leon has been producing premium leather for 400 years.

The leather that I chose here is as soft as butter and this is the first prototype:


The dimensions are roughly 11″W X 13″H X 3″T. I want to create the perfect bag for lugging around one’s daily personal stuff like electronics, a book, a magazine or two, a spare sweater, passport, etc.

And I am so tired of everything that I see out there. If you ask me, 98% of commuters and travelers are carrying  crappy bags. Everything that I’ve seen is either the wrong material (synthetic), mass-produced in a crappy way, too big, or too small, or too expensive.

Instead of putting lots of pockets and partitions into it, I thought that building 2 separate bags to fit inside of the bigger bag might be a better solution:


You can keep all your travel documents (receipts, misc. paper) in the smaller bag and then use the largest of the insertable bags for your tablet, phone, cables, and whatnot. That way you don’t have worry about inadvertently dropping an adapter or losing a thumb drive while you are going through airport security while trying to fish your tickets and passport out.

And the insertable bags are modular, meaning that you can use them independently, or put them into other bags or whatever. The leather all comes from the same hide so everything matches. They’re not fancy; they’re not meant to be.

What they are meant to be is practical. These bags are designed for the long haul (like a lifetime). And the quality of these leathers means that the bags will age gracefully over time by getting that patina that only comes from quality natural materials like fine leather, antique furniture made from dense hardwoods, and other things like some of those ancient silver cutlery services that have been well cared for.

Also, I am [finally] finishing our leather dog leash this week. And next week I expect to have a prototype finished for a women’s woven leather moccasin; which we plan to introduce in different colors. And tomorrow I am going to begin work on a sling backpack that is also made from these natural vegetable tanned leathers.

I like fine leather. And I like handmade quality. And in the immortal words of an old buddy’s grandfather, “Buy the best that you can afford and cry only once.”

PS – But these new bags are all going to be very affordable. They’ll be priced in line with the handmade sandals that we currently have on offer.