We finally got these new prototypes made just in time for my month long trip to the US to work on the sales end of Sahara Sandals®.

The first new model, the Athenas is all hand cut and constructed out of handwoven leather and double-lock stitched onto our trademark recycled airplane tire for long wear. We use only the thinnest part of the tire for these moccasins to keep them light and supple for the most comfortable fit:


We plan to offer them in different colors; like maybe a dark navy blue woven leather outer combined with a soft creamy gold colored leather liner. And how about a rich red leather woven outer with a forest green liner for the Christmas holidays?

This other new model, the Rhodes are also handmade and built on the same platform as the Athenas but offering a different style for the woman who likes laces but still wants that barely there feeling for those hot summer days.


We are finishing up our first small backpack today and I hope to have a picture posted as early as tomorrow morning.

Today might be Sunday but many of us work everyday here in Mexico. And for me, working with dedicated craftsmen using mostly hand tools to make quality leather goods is a true pleasure.