Lately, one of my go-to meals for evening is the simple but delicious pasta with fresh tomatoes. When I cook pasta I typically make enough for 3-4 meals and refrigerate the leftover.

So like last night, dinner was extra simple as I had cold, cooked, leftover pasta. So here is a dish that is easy to make, healthy, and ever tasty  –

Pasta in Fresh Tomatoes:

  • using a little butter or olive oil, saute a small diced onion and 2 diced serrano chilies
  • when the onion turns a translucent, add 3-5 chopped Roma tomatoes
  • season with salt, ground cumin, and a fresh herb like rosemary or basil
  • use a potato masher (big wooden spoon or whatever) to mash the tomatoes as they cook down
  • add a little water or red wine as necessary to keep the tomatoes from sticking
  • when the tomatoes are done and there is more of a sauce like consistency than chunks, throw in a handful of the pre-cooked leftover pasta and some crumbled cheese of your choice, stir into the sauce to coat, cover until hot and the cheese has melted
  • serves one