The weather forecast says rain and the skies this morning don’t disagree.  I was originally planning on leaving today but I think tomorrow is going to be a better day for pedaling a bike. And there are still a couple of things that I need to do so this is probably not a bad thing.

I picked up my bike from the shop yesterday. They put new tires on it, new tubes, put new tape on the handlebars (the spongy kind), tightened the crank, tuned the shifting, adjusted the brakes, and trued both wheels. My $40 bike took on weight. It emerged from the shop in the more portly $210 weight class. Yup, $170 worth of work. Their very comprehensive itemization reminded me of my framing contractor who once told me his billing rate for planned work was one figure but for change orders he got out his big pencil.

The bike shop’s fastidious attention to their billing also calls to mind another anecdote where someone had just finished climbing in the Swiss Alps and was amazed when going over the bill that his Swiss guide had charged him for wear and tear on his rope. The client sarcastically remarked that he was surprised that the guide hadn’t charged him for shoe leather. The guide took another look at his bill before announcing that yes indeed,  there had been an oversight and promptly added the worn shoe leather to the bill.

We walked over to the very popular Black Rocks Brewery for a beer yesterday and I have to agree with locals that the porter was a pretty awesome beer. Creamy but with a brightness that most other porter makers never seem to get right. I’d give their $4 pint a rating of 9/10.

We went back to Thills to pick up some more fish and I made dinner for my friends last night. A very simple but tasty pasta dish consisting of cream, fresh lemon, capers, and shredded smoked whitefish. I am happy to report that there were no leftovers.

Today on this rainy Sunday I am going to put the panniers on the bike. And after they get back from church we’ll make a run out to one of the big box stores and make a stop at a hardware store where I will pick up couple of wrenches and a tube repair kit. I wasn’t about to give up another $60 at the bike shop for one of their fancy multi-tools when I can get the equivalent somewhere else for a fraction of the price.

Tomorrow the adventure begins…