40 miles. 2 hours and 50 minutes. That’s 14 mph average. Not too shabby for my first day out. At least it wouldn’t be if I wasn’t so crippled up. Damn, but if that bike ride didn’t throw my body into a world of pain.

I am so freaking sore that I can’t imagine how bad the pain will be tomorrow. And that’s when I get to saddle back up and pedal it for another 60 miles. Too bad I couldn’t just fast forward 10 days to that place in time where I’ll be conditioned. No sorry. It doesn’t work that way.

But still, this is all pretty great. Like it didn’t rain today. And it was relatively warm (62 degrees F). And the sun even came out for a while. Unlike yesterday when it didn’t. I remember at some point snapping at my host. I was beginning to live up to that cliche,  that like fish, guests begin to stink after 3 days.

I said something to the effect that it was one thing to live in a place where the sky was perpetually dark most of the time. Or that it sucked to live in a place where it rained (or snowed) all the frickin’ time. Or just as bad, to live where it was cold most of the year. I grimaced when I asked, ‘But all three? Like what fools live in a place where it is dark? Cold? And wet? All the freaking time?’

And I knew these things. After all once upon a time I lived here. And Sarah and I fought the weather last June up on the N. Shore.

And just like a fool I am back for more.