Second day on the bike: 35 miles. 3 hours. Yes, I am dogging it. I had higher expectations but I couldn’t seem to rise above the pain or get out in front of the weather. It is true that I got a late start due to the perpetual shit weather that seems to exist on this penninsula. As one of the locals said, ‘Who can predict the weather? We’re trapped between these two huge bodies of water.’

But another truth is I am undercondititioned. But still I ask, shouldn’t a man – at whatever age – be able to jump on a bike and do 60 miles? I certainly don’t know the answer. And in my mind, just because I haven’t been on a bike since June 2013 shouldn’t really matter. But it does.

Excuses. Excuses. Last night in Munising I had dinner at Sydney’s. I thought it was just some dude’s name until I saw the kangaroo logo on the menu. An Aussie themed restaurant? In Munising?  The fresh perch – a childhood favorite – was mis-battered. Yes, mis-battered. And someone deserves a serious beating for it.

You can’t put stiff strong batter on a delicate freshwater white fish. There is one and only one way to fry perch. You put the fillets through an egg bath then dredge them in flour. Any more or less and you might as well have just stayed home.

I sampled their tap beers. Sydney’s had the Keweenaw Brewing Company Amber Ale. The Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Porter. And Founder’s (out of Grand Rapids) IPA. I typically don’t favor amber ales but this one was the best of the three.

I am overniting it in Seney. One bar. One motel. I had a burger and a beer for lunch at Andy’s and I reckon it could be more of the same for dinner. I am proud to report that Andy’s Seney Bar hosts the trifecta of UP’er (as in Upper Penninsula, pronounced Yooper) approved bar snacks: pickled eggs, pickled sausage, and pickled pigs feet.

I’m home momma.