Day 4 on the bike. 47 miles. 3.5 hours. Today was a very good day.I fought a southerly headwind most of the ride but today was the day that I dismounted pretty much pain free. Yes. And I rode hard.

And tomorrow I cross the Mighty Mac and put the UP and the wilderness rides behind me. Yes. The wilderness quite frankly kicked my ass. It wasn’t just the total lack of amenities. Like, you want a cup of coffee? Sorry. You want to get in out of the weather? Sorry. You want some food? Sorry. You want to stop for the day? Then ride 20 more miles, whether you really want to or not.

That all sucked but where the wilderness really wore my ass out was more on the emotional end.The landscape never changed. That’s what finally got to me. It was like all my pedalling was taking me no where. I felt almost claustrophobic.I tried to take a sauna a few years ago but the room was too small and I had to leave.

Biking the Upper Penninsula through all the nonchanging wilderness had a similar effect.What can I say? Sometimes I am too tightly wrapped for my own good. So now that I’ve reached the southeastern tip of the UP I can say a hearty amen to that and a big goodbye. Hegel was totally spot on when he said, ‘What is undifferentiated is lifeless.’

Okay, big deal. The wilderness problem has been solved. With 950 more miles to go I reckon that there will still be future wrinkles in this seat of the pants operation.

One day at a time…