Day 7 on the bike. 65 miles. 6 hours. Today was a vey good day. The weather was perfect when I started biking at 8:30 am and it stayed perfect for the entire ride. The road was wonderful. And 20 miles south of Alpena the area started to get its collective shit together by providing a more user friendly travel interface. For instance there were actual party stores along the way; I stopped to power up on icecream bars twice.

I had breakfast somewhere at the 30 mile midpoint of my ride in a pretty little town called Harrisville. The town of Oscoda also seemed to be a great little place. Lake Huron is starting to look more friendly.

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I only ask that a town deliver up a speck of original charm. Offer a single solitary restaurant that features some regional home cooking. And that the whole town to town piece offers up some opportunities to stop for a cup of coffee or a snack that doesn’t out of a vending machine.

Alpena sucked. I only bring this up [again] to contrast with what is happening for dinner tonight. So last night my Best Western motel was located in the middle of big box country and my dining options were as follows. Bad Chinese. I know it was bad because I had a late lunch there. Marie Callenders. A chain restaurant that I’ve read doesn’t actually do any onsite premise cooking. No. They merely reheat stuff out of freeze bags. Or MacDonalds So yup. I had a burger and fries.

Tonight I am rolling my own. The tiny motel I am staying at has a grill. And I made a trip to the closest grocery store and picked up some root vegetables that I am going to grill along with some sliced white onions in olive oil. And the mixed vegetables will be a nice side dish to the fat  little 16 oz ribeye that is also going to get tossed on the grill.

Life is best when it’s simple.