Day 9 [not] on the bike. 0 miles. 0 hours.

I am taking a rain day. Which has turned out to be a bad decision based on bad data. The producers of the Weather Channel should all be taken out and given thorough beatings. They need to know that people don’t watch the Weather Channel to be entertained. We watch it for informational purposes. Weather related informational purposes.

And those chatty bastards that puppet the local weather stations all deserve a beating too. You’re not meteorologists, you fraudulent bastards – you watch the Weather Channel too.

Thunder storms rolled through Bay City early this morning and the rain didn’t stop until 10:30, which was exactly 10 minutes after I paid for another night in my backwater motel. The sun was shining by noon under mostly clear skies. The Weather Channel and it’s minnions were still bleating rain and showing dangerous thunder cloud icons warning an 80% chance of rain.

Bad weather data corresponds to lots of bad TV. I’d so much rather be pedalling my bike down the road then scrunched up in this motel room with an old 25″ Zenith. But it is what it is. So the only comfort to be found this evening wll be in the warmth of cheap whiskey and the delightful goodness of pickled baloney on crackers.

Tomorrow the adventure resumes.