Day 10 on the bike. 41 miles. 3 hours.

Today was an intentionally short bike as my Uncle Lloyd and his son, my cousin Jim, made the trip over here from Detroit so that we could have lunch and a visit. I was very proud that my wonderful 89 year old uncle still stands most of his 6′ 3″. And he is still one handsome man. What I would imagine to be something like two lifetimes ago, he fought as a young man in one of the most critical battles in the European Theater of WWII; the Battle of the Bulge. He is of that generation for which service, humility, and heroism set the bar for the generations that followed.

After a close study of the map I plotted a route change this afternoon. I need to be pedaling in the direction of Toledo if I want to have a better chance of having a roof over my head tomorrow night. I am now very sensitive to the whole shelter availabilty thing. First, there was the almost debacle in Roger City followed by a couple of other near misses like today when I got one of the last rooms in Chelsea. Why do large size towns like Owosso and now Chelsea have only 2 hotels? I sure don’t know but it sure is a pain in the ass and making my job as a amateur touring bike rider that much harder.

I am now 507 miles into this bike trip and have something like 700 miles remaining. In the immortal words of Ovid, “Add a little to a little and there will be a big pile.”

Tomorrow, Ohio.