Day 11 on the bike. 65 miles. 6 hours. OHIO.

The 30 miles down to Adrian was smooth sailing and I made it in record time. The weather was perfect. Road conditions were perfect. And I was pumped up on 2 coffees and 12 ounces of non-fat yogurt.

The ride became hard as soon as I turned onto Hwy. 223. For some strange reason there was an easterly headwind that I fought for the next 2 hours. And the traffic was horrible. The shoulder diminished to something like 2 feet. And then on an upshift to the large chain ring, the chain fell off.

But a short hour or so later and life was on an uptick as I was then chilling at the Motel 6 Toledo with the other desperados. Looking out my window I see an ancient Toyota held together in places with duct tape and a vintage ’80s Lincoln Town Car ate up with a little rust and minus the driver’s side hub caps.

But who was I to throw rocks? I rolled into town on an old bike with 2 mismatching shopping bags stabbed into the rear wire basket panniers looking for all the world to see like a fleeing homeless person. Bicycle chain grease smeared on both hands and all four limbs. Unshaven and a sopping wet bandana tied around my head.

And I just finished washing out a t-shirt in the sink using bar soap. It was positively frightening to think just how well I fit in.