Day 12 on the bike. 75 miles. 6.5 hours.

Great weather. Good roads. Still, a long and tiring bike.The fact is that I can think of many good reasons to bail on this whole stupid bike ride. The scenery is rural as in farm country. All I see is corn and soybeans. I get up and bike my ass off. And the rewards are bad food, uninspiring scenery, nobody to talk to, more bad food (fast food), and then a motel where there is nothing but bad TV and cheap whiskey with which to end the day.

So what is the upside? I don’t know if there is one.

So why am I going to get up tomorrow and bike? Damned if I know.

And tomorrow looks like it could be a bad day. Why? There is no clear route to Columbus. And there appears to be no other next stop destination that doesn’t include Columbus.

A guy asked me today why I was riding a bike? Did I lose my job?

No. I lost my mind.