Day 13 on the bike. 65 miles. 7 hours.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…

Sorry. First the good news. Hwy. 23 South turned out to be [legally] bike-able in spite of what I was told yesterday. It is a state highway, not an expressway (even if it looks like one) , so maybe when people were telling me that it wasn’t bike-able maybe they were speaking to the fact that it would be insanely desperate for anyone to want to bike it.

The bad news. 45 miles of the bike was Mad Max American style. Crumbling shoulders covered with debris. Cars. Trucks. Semis. People pulling boats. Trailers. All speeding by real-time at 60-80 mph. True high speed combat biking.

So when biking the devil’s corridor don’t ever imagine that you’ll escape totally unscathed. And so it was that I experienced my first road side flat tire somewhere close to the last exit for Marion which was about mile-marker 20. There I did my first bike tube replacement under true battlefield conditions.

I am very (very) thankful on that last day in Marquette that I had the presence of mind to return to the bike shop to purchase a spare tube. The best 6 bucks I’ve ever spent. Without it (and the tire tool and the pump) I would have been majorly screwed.

Now I am chilling in Motel 6 in Columbus drinking bad whiskey, putting aloe vera on my over exposed self. I am in a rough part of town but thankfully some right minded Vietnamese persons had the where for all to put in a Pho joint just a short bike away so tonight I’ll be dining on real food.

Cheers and remember to stay home with the doors locked and the blinds closed. And be sure to watch lots and lots of TV.