Day 14 on the bike. 65 miles. 5.5 hours. 772 miles completed. 385 miles to go.

It was 2 fast and furious rides; first to Circleville (where I got caught by rain) and then the second leg on to Chillicothe.

The rides started with a very narrow weather window. The fog didn’t lift until 8:30 am and rain was expected to blow in from the SW at 12 noon (but it came an hour earlier). Not much time to make the 43 miles to Circleville let alone the whole ride down to Chillicothe. So I pedalled madly.

It started with a bike ride down the entire length of the city of Columbus. And I got to say that seen from the perspective of High St., that I love this city. Very liveable. Beautiful architecture. Diverse neighborhoods. Authentic. No one managed to screw the pooch here with over-gentrification like with what has happened to so many cities across the US.

Imagine a pizza place called ‘Pharoh’s Pizza Palace’ or a pub called ‘The Village Idiot’ Charm and character with just the right amount of self-depreciation. And there was a big, grand cigar store! Civilized, brilliant! Closed, bastards!

Here now in Chillicothe I can see where this is the end of the road. The end of the straight road, the flat road, the city road, the farm road, the wilderness road, and the lake road.

Tomorrow starts the mountain road.