Today is Grito de Delores (The Cry of Dolores), or more formally know as Independence Day here in Mexico. Mexicans never let an opportunity to celebrate go to waste so they actually started the fiesta 15 days ago. And unsurprisingly the festivities will go on until the end of the month.

Keep in mind that the Christmas celebration lasts 2 months (Dec 1st – Feb 6th) down here. And then there’s the Patron’s Saints Day celebration – the biggest blowout of the year – which lasts 3 weeks. And there are a boatload of other fiestas in Mexico but those are the real big ones.

So looking at the current celebration through a big bright pair of Mexican sunglasses, it only stands to reason that their version of the Fourth of July should last an entire month. That no mere 3 day weekend long event with a couple of barbeque picnics and a single evening of fireworks would be anywhere near sufficient to properly celebrate such an auspicious occasion.

Yesterday there were a ton of little kids dressed up in old style costumes. The little girls with their hair in twisted up braids piled high on their heads wearing little hand decorated frocks while the little boys affecting early 19th century revolutionaries had painted on sideburns and mustaches and wore sombreros with some of them carrying toy pistols in holsters. The town – with the the central plaza as the locus – was filled with families and all those adorable dressed up little kids.

Of course everyone was snacking on everything from ice cream to grilled giant ears of corn slathered with butter and chili vinegar and sprinkled with salt to big crackly pieces of dried pork skin (chicharrones) that were smothered with red hot sauce. Everybody laughing and talking with kids running around chasing each other, and mariachis playing. Mexicans are very social people. They love their music. And with almost year around perfect weather just about everybody lives outdoors.

This morning I stood in line behind a man outside the Mercado who was buying corn for the traditional Independence Day supper of posole that his wife was going to make. The woman, tending little more than a table, shucked something like 4 dozen ears while the man handpicked each and every one for the two and a half dozen that he ended up buying. Part of the service is getting all of the kernels neatly sliced off in rows with a butcher knife. So what you end up with is a big bag of wet corn kernels.

And we aren’t talking about those demure little ears of sweet corn that are eaten on the northern side of the border. Oh no, these are those big hulking multicolored knobby things more correctly known as maize which bear the distinction of not having been dicked with by Monsanto. This is Aztec corn we’re talking about and one of those ears is big enough to pretty much be a meal all by itself.

I bought a dozen, deciding that I was going to make a highly modified gringo version of the dish. If you’re a Mexican reading this either feel free to laugh yourself stupid or just wince and sadly shake your head. Or better yet, don’t read the next paragraph.

So anyway, I’ve got a bunch of tiny smoking hot red chilies, red wine, cumin, tomatoes, and onion that I am going to use for the broth. (Yes, I know this is totally wrong). Then I cheated and bought some already cooked pork in the delicious form of carnitas that I am going to add at the appropriate time along with the corn. (Also totally wrong). The garnishes I am going to add at the end is fresh lime, sliced red radishes and cilantro. (And yes this is totally wrong too as I neglected to buy cabbage to chop up).

But I am betting that it will still be pretty tasty.