I. A man is the sum of his experiences. (Possessions don’t mean shit).

II. A person does not need a partner to define or give substance to their life. (A partner adds flavor or texture).

III. One does not need to get approval from peers, business associates, or lovers before changing their life (or ordering another beer).

IV. Life is best understood (valued) given the inevitability of one’s death.

V. At any moment we are all a hair’s breadth away from disaster (or fortune).

VI. Never discount blind stupid luck (but don’t count on it either).

VII. The biggest difference between success and failure is planning.

VIII. Short term gratification is for Pavlov. Define your goals, set your priorities, and falter not.

IX. Life is once. Get strong and tear it up.

X. Why are we here? Why is there so much pain and suffering? What is the purpose of life? To learn you dunce!

PS – And smile; life is only a test.