Was seriously talked about [ announced?] today. Yeah!

And it is returning with the ever useful Start Menu. Yeah!

And combined with Intel’s new Core M processors, next year’s consumer will get desktop performance in a variety of small form factors all with lower power consumption and a more wonderfully friendly UI like the old Win7 type user interface.

If they don’t f **k it up… Imagine a retro-future – a laptop that you can take apart. Replace the battery yourself. Upgrade the memory yourself. Even swap out the HDDs/SDDs yourself. And imagine a laptop where you can pop the keyboard off and leave it at home if you want. And don’t forget things like USB3.1 and the latest PCIe will be standard. Speed, power, and accessability in a variety of form factors promising true cross platform interoperability all with the same GUI. And some sources have sited there will be onboard, built in virtualization support.

Let’s face facts – Android powered phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and ultrabooks all sucked. Shit you can’t take apart. Shit – in that you can’t upgrade individual components. All said, shit – with a high obsolescence factor.

I want my all future devices to have utilities like that simple but very useful Command Line Prompt. Ahh, to be able to ping once more from any device would give me untold happiness. And I want all my future devices to have some aspect of right clicking to get to [Manage] Computer. And I want all my devices to have the equivalent of a Control Panel.

I am majorly tired of shit not working in Android and then only being able to find a bunch of useless users forums from which to try to troubleshoot from. I am tired of Android downloads with cutesy names that breaks shit. Can anyone on any of the Google forums adequately explain why the latest version of the OS – 4.4 “kit-kat” – intermittently hoses the WiFi on their flagship Nexus 7 tablet? No. Is there a fix? Who knows. That kind of shit doesn’t stand.

Nope. I am done with Android. I want my Windows back. I want real applications. And my data – on my machine – where I can keep an eye on it. And not in some damned cloud.

PS – I’ve still got my old reliable quad-core Win7 64 bit Ultimate workstation that I built 4 years ago. And I still have a Win7 Pro notebook.  But the future replacement prospects were starting to look pretty grim with Windows 8.

PPS – Do you know why Google turned Android loose on the world? To save us all from Apple that’s why. Does Google give a rat’s ass about operating systems? I think that the fact that they pretty much give it away for free tells you what they really think of it (which also explains their non-existent support model).