First, I’d like to wish a beating upon whichever high school student(s) is stealing from my post ‘Brick’ for some school paper they should have written themselves. I’ve been noticing that ‘Brick’ has been read several times over the last several days. And while I personally might have been interested enough to have researched and written some 3000 words on the subject; I can’t foresee that interest extending any further then to some slacker(s) alternating toggling between thieving my notes and watching internet porn. Shame.

Plagiarism in my universe is a heinous crime. It is okay to steal books my children; but the words of another writer are sacrosanct.

And now that I think about it – in my universe, stealing books would be almost legal. Incurring at most a small fine. Like stealing food, which sometimes is a physical imperative; stealing books is sometimes a morally justifiable intellectual imperative. (Without naming names, I wonder what the fine would be up to on a particular library book that has been overdue for – I don’t know – something like 45 years)?