I really suck in this area. I have been trying to accomplish two goals: increase sales and move away from the onesy-twosey retail end of the business and go straight wholesale and do volume.

I have tried everything – or so I thought – failing miserably each time. For example, I hired and fired three sales and marketing people. The strategy was for them to get accounts and increase sales by getting our handmade shoes/sandals and bags into brick and mortar stores. A dismal failure. Why? You tell me. Lack of motivation maybe? Stupid? Lazy?

And I tried going the sales and marketing route solo. I spent two weeks in South Miami Beach. I visited a lot of stores. Talked to a lot of people. I knew before I startedĀ  that I wasn’t a sales person but desperate times requires desperate action. I tried but I sucked.

It seems the solution might have been in front of me all this time and it only took me two years to find it. Yup, hidden in plain sight. So yesterday we opened a wholesale page on our Sahara Sandals website.

Long story short, I don’t care who you are. Buy as few as 6 pair (mix and match) and get 50% off. And the discount scales with the volume. Buy 120 pair and get 65% off.

Let’s see if this works.

PS – During this time our webmaster enabled SSL (Secure Socket Layer). I am told this does two things: 1) Pulls the eCommerce piece onto the saharasandals.com website instead of pushing the transactional processing to another corner of our hosting website and 2) the SSL icon gives our customers solid assurance that their credit card data is secure.