At 95 years of age, he is the last surviving member of Sir Winston Churchill’s cabinet. I read an article this morning in the British Telegraph concerning some of his reminiscences of Churchill and found his comment on President Obama to be particularly thought provoking.

He said, ”I think he’s (Obama) doing rather badly. I said to Henry Kissinger – an old mate of mine – what he thought of him, and he replied: ‘He makes the most wonderful speeches, very thoughtful. The trouble is: he thinks having made the speech, he has solved the problem.’ And I agree.’’

PS – He had other enlightening comments on the subject of other foreign leaders he had met over the years. Ronald Reagan was ”the most delightful man — funny, not clever but full of common sense’’. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing was ”clever, but rather grand. He tried to patronise Margaret, which didn’t go down well.’’ Mitterand? ”Not a very upright man’’; Jimmy Carter “left an awful mess behind’’.