I drink fresh squeezed juice here twice a day; half orange and half carrot juice. Pretty tasty stuff. Healthy too.

The first one I buy from Tere’ who lives just 3 doors down. It’s something like a 16 ouncer and costs 11 pesos or about 80 cents US.

I drink it on my way to the Mercado in the morning and it is big enough to last through breakfast.

The second cup of juice I buy after my run, just before lunch from my friend, Alberto who runs a juice and fruit stand in front of the Mercado with 2 of his sisters. All three of them are in their ’70s and even so they still work pretty damn hard. It takes strength to jam carrots into a grinder and cut and mash oranges into pulp all day long, seven days a week, 364 days a year.

Every three or four visits they make me drink down a third of my juice so that they can refill it. All for just 8 pesos, And they do it with a smile.

This afternoon I learned they have 5 other brothers and sisters. I told them I thought it was wonderful how so many Mexicans had big families.

The oldest sister had me laughing out loud when she said, “Our parents didn’t have a TV.”

I got both her and her sister laughing in return when I said, “That game (juego – ‘sex’) is always more fun than TV.”

PS – Yesterday afternoon a hummingbird flew into the house. I can only surmise that he was feeding on the aloe vera plant’s long stem of flowers – the only flowering plant on the third floor northern terrace – before then somehow making a wrong right turn through the open door.

I looked up from my workstation when I heard the thrumming of his wings as he hovered anxiously close by the south side set of windows. I was a bit panicky wondering how I was going to get the little bugger out of the house without him injuring himself. My first attempt – stupid as it was – was to try and get him to land on my finger but he wasn’t having none of that. It then took all of 20 seconds to get the key and open the southern door and he was gone.

PPS – Several times I have been out on the terrace laying in the hammock reading a book and I’ve heard the same surprisingly loud thrumming noise as some other hummingbird was hovering just inches behind my head.

Nature’s own tiny hovercrafts. Thinking about them always puts a smile on my face.