I’ve been meaning to write this thought down for quite sometime. It is an opinion that has gradually coalesced. And is the result from many firsthand observations and encounters I’ve had down here with young mothers and their children.

I must admit that it had been my previously held and ill-informed opinion that babies from young mothers here were the products of ignorance and the lack of birth control.

But that opinion was primarily predicated on conventional wisdom gathered secondhand from within a culture of affluence which suggests that an unattached pregnant young woman 9.9 times out of 10 will selfishly choose freedom if given alternatives. Namely, prevention in the form of accessible and affordable birth control or failing that; abortion.

But conventional wisdom – that oft misleading phrase coined by the economist, John Kenneth Galbraith – in that he opined [conventional wisdom] was where “we associate truth with convenience.”

The real truth, as I’ve discovered here, is that everyone loves babies. Children are raised loving their brothers and sisters. Little girls adoringly hold their younger siblings.

If you were to ask me what made Mexico, Mexico. I’d have to say it’s the kids. All these smiling, scampering around little kids.

Children are not considered sacrifices here. Nor expensive pain in the asses that if you throw enough expensive toys at them they can be safely ignored and kept waiting in the shadows until that time they’re hauled out to momentarily serve as accessories to be boasted over.

Children are the heartbeat of Mexico. And it is my opinion that every little girl here wants to be a mother.