My evening go to meal – at least for the moment – is pasta with fresh tomato, basil (or bay leaf), onion, chilies (serrano) and maybe a little meat in the form of a few grams of carnitas or of the flavorful local sausage, longaniza.

I dice the onion, tomato, and chilies and fry them in a little olive oil, adding a couple of anchovies at the beginning, or add a few capers at the end; whichever is on hand.

When the pasta is finished cooking I add some to the cooking salsa and also add some crumbled cheese. I then turn down the heat and let it all munge together for 5-10 minutes before I dump the contents of the pan onto a plate.

My cooking wine is the same as my drinking wine: the cheapest Mexican red or white available.

It ain’t gourmet my friends, but it is easy and tasty.