No. I am not saying goodbye to this blog. But maybe I should…what more is there really to say regarding some guy who flees the civilized world for parts more unknown? It’s been done to death, right?

And adios – BTW – does not mean goodbye, it means [can’t talk now] I’ll talk to you later and it is used exclusively in Mexico. But it got me thinking: language – misconceptions, misunderstandings – gender, ethnicity; all those gaps that are in addition to individual differences that compound to obfuscate human communications. So is there really any wonder why we – and probably more often than not do – misinterpret even the smallest conversations?

There is a certain member of my family who obliquely reminds me from time to time just how frail and tenuous a single communique can be. For example, I can say one thing – meaning something very specific (to me) – and then tell from her response that she heard something completely (underline completely) different. This is no fault of hers. In the wise words of Anais Nin, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

PS – I am [maybe] starting a relationship with a Mexican woman. A woman who speaks no English. And that, my friend, – given what I just said – is a potential minefield of misunderstandings.

PPS – This is tangential, but it has been noticed and discussed by me and others, just how the English language is losing its precision. The proliferation of business emails and texting are not necessarily to blame, although they are primary culprits. It has just been my observation over the years that culturally speaking the use of the English language has gotten increasingly more sloppy.