Easter here is not about bunny rabbits or Easter eggs. Oh no. Mexico still celebrates a traditional – Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection – kind of Easter. Locally Easter is called Semana Santa, meaning Holy Week.

And yesterday there was a procession. Not a parade mind you, a procession. There was a richness to the event, a pageantry, from the costumes to the solemnity of performance as it made its way through this small city.

Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene?


Pontius Pilot, a Sanhedrin elder, Centurions, and a bound Christ

Pontius Pilate, Centurions, and a bound Christ




All in all, there were maybe 100 dressed in costumes. There were even some Centurions on horseback! I love how the Mexican people always manage to squeeze at least a few horses into every celebration.

And everyone in town came out of their house and lined the streets to watch. It was quite fun. Next week who knows? It seems like there is always another fiesta just around the corner. I teased my neighbor, Tere about this a few weeks ago and she laughed and said, “We have lots of saints here.”

PS – Please double click on the top photo to see just how extraordinarily gorgeous her gown was. Her mamma bought some lovely fabrics and then combined those with some exemplary skill to make such a truly magnificent costume.