I always thought that the headline, in conjunction with the front page, were there to present the reader with the top stories of the day.

But it seems to become increasingly more clear with each passing day that the headlines and the front pages are being used to create the top stories of the day. Where social and political agendas are being presented as existential problems even as more pressing problems are being shunted aside or just plain ignored.

The front page and headlines from this morning were very telling:

  • NYTimes headline – “A white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., has been charged with murder of unarmed black man while he fled.”
  • Foxnews front page – Same story
  • Telegraph (British)  front page – Same story
  • Guardian (British) front page – Same story
  • The Independent (British) headlines – Same story
  • Reuters (US edition) – headlines – Same story

I guess that I might have overlooked this confluence of headlines if it weren’t for another story that ran yesterday in Reuters about the 15 state police killed in an ambush in western Mexico. A story by the way that didn’t even show up in 5 of the other aforementioned online news services.

I find this all so incredibly skewed. So may we deduce that racist white cops are a larger threat to world stability than say Yemen or 15 state police being ambushed and murdered in Mexico?

And as we are all kept busy, outraged by the scourge of racism – and wink wink the politically correct kind (white oppressing black) – the politicos manage to keep the bigger issues (the stuff they keep f**king up) out of plain view.

And to also think here we have 6 major western news services and they all have almost interchangeable story lines. Pity.

Let’s all bow our heads and weep, for the free press – if it ever was – is truly no more.